A Phd. York University Study

Fixed rate mortgages vs Variable rate mortgages; which one to choose in this increasing interest rate environment?

A Phd. York University Study Update

The Milevsky follow up report


This site provides you with High Ratio Insurance information and guidelines.

The Bank of Canada

This site provides 'Historical Bond Yields' and 'interest rates' A great place to go to track interest rates.

Canada Customs & Revenue Agency

The place to go to get information about the RRSP Home buyers Plan.

Stats Canada

Providing the latest Economic Indicators

Land Transfer Tax Refund

Information on the Ontario Land Transfer Tax Refunds for First-Time Home Buyers

Glossary of Terms

The most comprehensive glossary of mortage terminology available.

FCAC Are you Shopping for a mortgage

This link provided by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to help First time homebuyers decide what mortgage is right for you.

Credit Score Calculator

This link might give you an idea as to what your credit score might be once you put in some basic info.

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